Unranked LoL Account


Are you a big fan and an active player of LOL? Then you must be suffering from hard work you need to do to achieve your goals of getting all the runes and champions you like the most. If you are one of those players who are suffering from this problem then 808boosting has a simple solution to this common problem. The Unranked LoL Account! Now the question is what is that? And how this will help you?



The answers are pretty simple actually. These types of accounts are lol accounts which are not owned by any one and even not played even once. But the benefits you will get are awe sum because the accounts they are selling those are set to the level 30 so you do not need to go through the initial hard work to be able to play ranked. So it saves your time. Plus there are other advantages too.

Though when you get you won’t have any champions owned, but you will get only 2 empty rune pages, riot points of 110-400 and 18000+ ip available. The most tricky part is that your account won’t be recalled and you will be provided with the most important and vital information about the accounts so that you can prove that you own the account. The information those will be provided are date of registration, ip used to make the registration, the birthday corresponding to the account and the email address registered against that very account sold to you. So you can buy and use these accounts at a affordable price and enjoy your gaming without much of the initial hassle.