Abe Issa


Alternative, cleaner and more efficient sources of energy have lately become all the rage for a variety of reasons, from the environmentally conscious to the monetary savings they usually represent. One of the most popular and widely available alternative sources is solar energy. It is free, it is there for anyone to make use of, but there is one major drawback: The solar panel technology is still prohibitively expensive for most households. Installing a solar panel system is still expensive because it must be done by experts in the field. It surely is an investment that pays for itself in the long run, but sometimes for most people this “long run” is too long to fathom and the immediate savings too small to appreciate. Plus, the market is inundated with unprofessional and unreliable companies that promise too much, but deliver too little. How can a consumer make sure he or she is dealing with the best? Go with Global Efficient Energy, a solar energy company based in Texas and headed by CEO Abe Issa.

Global Efficient Energy is a reputable alternative energy company focusing on solar energy committed to its customers. They not only deliver professional installation but also seek to establish life time relationships with customers that will be their customers for life. CEO Abe Issa’s directing philosophy is to deliver on what they promise, because customers come first, and the people at Global Efficient Energy want to build customers for life. With Global, customer service is more like customer care.