Armati – China Faucet Manufacturer


Open any decoration magazine and for sure you will see fantastic images of exquisitely decorated bathrooms with shiny brass fixtures and polished accessories to make anyone say ‘I would like a bathroom like that someday’. Do not wait for someday, a magazine-worthy bathroom is within your reach. Unique style, high-end quality materials and an almost endless variety in faucets, shower and bathroom accessories is what China bathroom accessories manufacturer Armati can offer to its client base for all their bathroom accessories and faucet needs. With a special focus on luxury hotels in the Chinese market,  Armati can customize its products to your specific requirements, so you can place a unique touch in all your construction projects, always with top-quality materials up to the strictest of standards. Armati is one of the best China Faucet Brands in the market!

As a German, Italian, and Chinese bathroom hardware manufacturer with over twenty years of experience and a Taiwanese production plant, you can rest assured that Armati, a China faucet manufacturer, aims for the very best in bathroom accessories and faucets. This is why Armati is also the bathroom accessories supplier for the biggest hardware stores in the United States, Lowe´s and the Home Depot, as well as Walmart stores. For your next bathroom construction or remodeling project, choose only quality accessories and faucets. The variety Armati, a China faucet factory, has on offer cannot be matched by any competitor. Visit their website and check their extensive catalog for all the quality faucets and bathroom accessories you can choose from. You will surely find just exactly what you pictured for your dream bathroom.