Children’s Picture Books


A story of a dog that went to the sea in 1940, during the world war, written by Anna Mandell is one of those children’s picture books which has become a favorite of the readers. This story is depicted using pictures and can a perfect bed story for those kids who are in the range of 5-9 years. The brave dog sets sail in a ship named KNV Thorrodd. The heroic deeds of the dog on the ship are quite famous and the dog has memorials built in Montrose for the commemoration of his deeds.

This is an ideal way to introduce your child to the stories of wartime situations and heroes, all in a simple and engaging manner. This dog, being awarded the honor of bravery is surely an inspiration for the young ones who are sure to like the instructions offered by Richard Maby and the engaging stories penned by the author. This book is just a part of a series and is believed to be one of the best literary works in the domain of picture books for children below 10 years.

This book is very much famous as because the way the illustration has been done using the pictures are really great and your kids are surely going to enjoy the story while they are about to sleep in the night. Make sure to order for the book, the next time you are trying to find your kid something worthwhile to read while he/she settles down for bed.