Erosion Control


Kat Trax, based in the Pacific Northwest, is a leading company in the land preparation and septic system installation industries. With years of experience in these fields, Kat Trax is the best option when it comes to installing a septic system with a company that is also ecologically conscious and environmentally responsible. Because they are committed to preserving the unique beauty of the Pacific Northwest, their work takes erosion control into consideration to prevent any unnecessary damages to the environment with their work.

In addition to this, their commitment to their customer service is central to their business philosophy. Their process before beginning any work on a project involves first informing and assisting the potential customer in making good decisions with their project. After meeting with the prospective customer and listening closely to their expectations and the specific needs of the project, they will come up with a plan and a quote for the project. Then they will walk you through every step of their work to answer all your questions and ensure you are satisfied with their work. They approach every project with the same level of care and quality as if it was being done for a member of their own family.

So, for all your land preparation and septic system installation, there is no other company that can compare to what Kat Trax can offer. Do not waste your time with unreliable and unnerving contractors who only want your money. Instead, go directly with the best at Kat Trax.