Fire Curtain


Whenever there is an event of fire, there is very little you can do, and there is no doubt that nothing can be more devastating than looking at your business burning to crisp within matter of few minutes. This is why it is absolutely important for you have Fire Curtains installed at your office, school, or anywhere there is a risk of greater harm if unfortunate events were to took place. Fire Curtains plays a pivotal role is stopping the fire from doing any serious harm. If you want to know more about Fire Curtains then you come to the right place. Fire Curtains are not a new innovation, it has been around for over decades.



The main purpose of fire curtains, well, as the name suggests, they are are made from e-glass or fiberglass material that is an extremely fire resistant material, and can withstand up-to 600 degrees of heat. In some countries, you are required by the law to have them installed in schools and businesses, so that any greater harm can be undone.


Typically, fire curtain and Fire Shutter is attached to the fire alarm in the building, and sometimes they come with their own fire alarm, the main goal of the fire alarm is to detect the fire and deploy fire curtains as soon as possible. If you were to do it manually, it would take you a lot of time before you could do it successfully, and sometimes you don’t have that much time whenever there is fire.