Furniture Hardware


Are you in charge of a home improvement or remodeling business and order the supplies? Are you doing a large scale project at home? Are you looking for wholesale prices on furniture hardware, cabinet hardware and door hardware? How about kitchen cabinet hardware? Supplies and hardware for it can be expensive and costly to import. Wouldn’t having a steady manufacturer of all these types of hardware be great? Now you have one with IBMHCORP. These China manufacturers make customer satisfaction their first priority. They would love for you to take a tour of the factory so that you can see all of the products they have to offer and work out negotiations with your business owner.


All types of hardware for your home or remodeling business

They offer many different kinds of cabinet adornment. It doesn’t look like regular cabinet hardware. These are high quality cabinet door handles and fixings. The same goes for the kitchen cabinet hardware. You can look online to see some of the gorgeous products that we have in our online store just waiting for you. We carry furniture hardware as well for all of your needs. Our only business is hardware so we have the time to dedicate to making ours the very best and affordable door hardware on the market. Call or email us for details on products, to visit the plant, or just to get more information on our prices and company policies. Whatever the need is, we will be happy to hear from you.