Kashmir Shaivism


Whether you are an enthusiast dealing with the philosophical aspects of human life, or want to know for certain the meaning of religion in human life, you must go through the details of kashmir shaivism and its teachings.

Believed to be one of the oldest forms of religion and self realization prevalent in India, shaivism brings to you the inner meaning of being in control one self and what pleasures you can draw from that control.

In the modern days, it is the desire of every living soul on the earth to have everything under control. Whether it be financial aspects of one’s life or helping someone to show off your chivalry, control is what desired by every person. However, shaivism teaches you how to build up a control over one self rather than controlling everything else.

Shaivism clarifies that shiva(awareness)blends in with shakti( power) to form the ultimate embodiment of non-duality in dualities. The sacred union of shiva and shakti gives rise to the powerful combination that is able to control and save the World.

Similarly shaivism denotes that humans should desire for partial control over others while fully controlling oneself to gain the best form of satisfaction and pleasure. Humans must willingly take up the concept of ‘bondage’ to others without always trying to be independent of the action and wills of others. Only this way can a person gain for himself the ultimate freedom that does not compromise with the freedom of others but enhances combined freedom all throughout.