Kids ATVs

ATV is an acronym that stands for all-terrain vehicle. You might also know them by the name quad bike or trikes depending on whether they have four or three wheels respectively. They are small-scale vehicles which are generally used off-road (in most cases it isn’t legal to drive them on public highways) and are operated and ridden in exactly the same manner as a motorcycle but with the benefit of stability and grip that come from having more wheels.

Kids ATVs are generally smaller in size and with lower powered engines than adult models. Although they still have ability to man-oeuvre over rough and steep terrain they are designed with the safety and ergonomics of young adults and kids in mind. For recreational use, i.e. off road on private land, you do not need to hold a driving licence and kids from age 10 years or younger can enjoy getting out into the countryside on their own miniature ATV.

With safety in mind, all children operating a ATV should receive proper instruction on using the vehicle and the limitations and risks to avoid. Although Kids ATVs are smaller and lower to the ground accidents can still happen if they are not treated with respect.


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