Storage Tubes


If you are an organization fanatic and must have every little thing in its proper place or your business requires storage tubes to store a variety of objects, such as artwork, textiles, metal rods, carpets, or metal rods, among many other examples, let us introduce you to a magnificent company based in the Pacific North West. We are talking about Pac Rite Inc.

Pac Rite Inc. is a paper core and tube company, specializing in producing storage tubes, label cores, and custom tubes for a variety of needs. Plus, at Pac Rite Inc. they take their commitment to preserving the environment so seriously that all their manufacturing waste is reused and recycled. In fact, all their products are manufactured using only one hundred per cent recycled prime paperboard. This allows them to produce top quality paperboard tubes and cores, while reducing their emissions and waste, thus creating a smaller ecological footprint. By using their products and supporting an eco-conscious company such as Pac Rite Inc., you as a customer will also be partaking in this goal, and you will be doing it without sacrificing quality in their products. Is it not a great deal all around? It is really a win-win situation.

This is why we would like to suggest giving Pac Rite Inc. a try sooner rather than later for all your paperboard tube and core needs, both for your personal use to store odds and ends around the house, or even your artwork if you are an avid art collector.