Trash Chute Fusible Link


Moving into a new house can be a blessing, but it also can be frustrating task, considering all the small maintenance work you have to do around the house. Speaking of maintenance work, how often do you check your trash chute doors if they are working properly? If you’re in a building where they use chute door for laundry or trash, then it is time for you have a look at them before it is too late. Trash chute doors are not dangerous but they can be if there is a fire in the garbage disposal area, the fire will try to reach the upper floors due to wind turbine effect.



How do you stop that from reaching higher floors? Well, if you open your trash chute door, you will notice a small chain attached to the door. The main purpose of this Trash Chute Fusible Link is to melt whenever there is a fire, by melting it will close the door shut, preventing it from opening and thus the fire cannot escape from the trash chute door. This small chain link is very important aspect of owning a trash chute door, you should check your fusible link right now, if it is wearing off due to rust you should order it right now, the best part of having a trash chute door is that all the components can be easily replaced on your own without having your fair share of head-banging. You can order a new Trash Chute Fusible Link from here: