White Henna Kits

Henna has been used since time immemorial in many parts of the world. With its root in ancient India and now being used almost all over the world, Henna has attained immense popularity among young girls and women. Although henna can be purchased in many forms including the DIY powder and henna kits, finding a good retailer is the trick. And to add to this, you can also choose from brown and white henna variants.

If you are looking for white henna kits, then there is a good one available on Namaste Collective. It is a variant of latest henna product that is gaining immense popularity lately. For those ladies who prefer an instant white henna tattoo, this is the perfect choice for them.

As you can find on the original website, the product has below features:

  • Two hand designs with matching wrist or arm designs
  • Large design suitable for back, chest or thigh
  • Medium design suitable for leg, arm or back
  • and PLENTY of small designs, for fingers or elsewhere – use them as you’d like!

This particular retailer also provides world-wide shipping for all the orders above $50.

So why wait? Order your own henna kit today and indulge in some henna time!