Wizhunt Locals – Advertising Innovation Designed to Empower Savings


Wizhunt Locals has very different approach to advertising than any other company. Wizhunt developed a patent-pending process truly designed to help small business owners, their customers and the entire local community save. Since the majority of deal site pocket 30%-50% of each deal a massive migration of money is being removed from local communities across the entire United States. Wizhunt developed their business processes that virtually remove the middleman and add many clear decisive advantages for both the consumer and the business.

So what are the advantages of advertising and shopping with Wizhunt Locals? Number 1, Wizhunt allows business to advertise for literally pennies per deal and Wizhunt does not pocket a percentage of sales revenue. Number 2, Wizhunt does not pocket a percentage of each customer purchase. Number 3, Wizhunt tracks analytics per advertisement such as social media exposure and consumer favorability.  Number 4, Wizhunt provides a direct clickable link to the advertisement when a business advertisement or deal is shared with social media outlets such as Facebook and Twitter. Number 5, with Wizhunt there are no hidden fees and no subscriptions. Number 6, Wizhunt allows customers to find click and redeem local coupons online for free without entering a credit card.

Businesses that advertise with Wizhunt can actually offer a greater discount to their customers and can still retain 90% more of their profits vs. the competition in most cases.

Wizhunt Locals – Deals, Coupons and Advertising Innovation